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Class Notes
Class representatives are indicated in blue.


Joan Taxay Pressman passed away on April 21, 2020. A graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Joan was an accomplished professional artist and educator whose work received critical acclaim throughout her career. She was represented by Sonia Zaks Gallery in Chicago and participated in countless exhibitions locally and nationally. As an educator, she developed the curriculum and taught classes in creativity and art theory. She also taught countless painting and drawing courses at Columbia College of Chicago, the North Shore Art League (where she was also a board member) and in Highland Park and Lake Forest.

Ann MacLellan White passed away peacefully on March 1, 2020. After attending Latin, she graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and earned a master’s degree at the University of Chicago. Ann became an accomplished artist and specialized in Oriental brush painting. She had a life-long love of animals, so naturally they became her favorite subject. Her work was exhibited in galleries and artist workshops in the Sarasota area, where she lived for more than 30 years.


Barbara Whiting Lee died on February 20, 2020. After attending Latin, Barbara attended the Westover School and the Parsons School of Design. She married W. Ashton Lee in 1950. Barbara volunteered with the Junior League of Chicago, The English Speaking Union, and with unwed mothers. Her fondest story was meeting the Queen of England in Chicago. In 1965 she moved to Denver, where she spent her free time sailing on Lake Dillon and racing her beloved Santana, the Silver Queen. Barbara continued her volunteer work with the Episcopal Church, serving as president, and Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountain, serving on the board and in many leadership roles, as well as on the national board. Additionally, she received the Margaret Sanger Award in 1989, which recognizes individuals for exceptional contributions to increasing accessible family planning services and honors those who have shown exemplary leadership in furthering reproductive rights. We extend our condolences to her children, Ashton ’70 and Diana Lee Crew ’73.


Former trustee and senior prefect Carl Gardner Leigh, M.D.  passed away unexpectedly but peacefully at home on February 17, 2020. After graduating from Cornell University and Northwestern University Medical School, Carl served in the U.S. Navy Medical Corps as LCDR at Camp Pendleton, CA. He then began a practice in internal medicine with a specialty in cardiology at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Carl was a highly respected primary care physician for thousands of Chicagoans for 42 years. Over the course of his career, he taught at Northwestern Medical School and served as chief of staff at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and as director of internal medicine at Blue Cross Blue Shield. After retiring from his medical practice, he worked for the Social Security Administration disability branch. Carl was an active member of Fourth Presbyterian Church from an early age, served as an elder and was chair of the church’s Multicultural Committee; recently, racial reconciliation through the church became a subject dear to his heart. We extend our condolences to his children, Nancy ’75, Stuart ’76 and John ’80 and their families.


Our 70th reunion celebration has been postponed until October 1-3, 2021. Save the date, but let’s keep in touch until then!


Doris Welch Arnheim passed away in January. We extend our condolences to her husband, Ralph, children Marci, Robin and Ralph and their families, including her seven grandchildren.


Barbara Mayer Marks died on December 22, 2019. Her amazing positive attitude led to a wonderful life; it was also a great example to her family and friends. She always looked back fondly at her childhood, growing up in an apartment building in the city, six floors below her beloved cousins P.D. ’54 (deceased) and Andy Block ’57, with whom she and her siblings could communicate by walkie-talkie. She attended Camp Wohelo, Latin, and graduated from Ethel Walker School in 1954 and Vassar College in 1958. After college, Barbara moved to San Francisco, taught at the Sarah Dix Hamlin School, and met her husband, Fillmore. Barbara was extremely involved in her children’s schools, not only volunteering but also substitute teaching. In addition to classical music, Barbara took delight in radio, TV and movie comedy. She enjoyed vacationing in Lake Tahoe and traveling the world with friends and family. Amazingly, she was able to stay active for most of her life, despite having multiple sclerosis for 60 years. We extend our condolences to her brother, Denny ’51; sister, Susan Mayer Wood ’58; niece, Katherine Baldwin ’83; and her extended family.

Dr. Marianne McDonald writes: “I am busy working long distance with my students, correcting dissertations, et al. Trying to survive and stay healthy at the same time: daily exercise on indoor bike, weights, stretches, pulls….taking care of five rescue dogs (four adult kids and nine grandchildren). Always appreciate Latin. My best friend now is also still teaching (at 83), and we met in a Latin class at Bryn Mawr. I learned my Latin from Lucy Brokaw at Chicago Latin. Best wishes to all for a healthy productive life. Thanks again to Mr. Lovett for my English.”


Our 65th reunion celebration has been postponed until October 1-3, 2021. Save the date! Let’s keep in touch until then.


Peter Burrows

Diana Karasik Levin

Michael H. Kohn died on January 21, 2020. Michael lived in Boulder, CO, for the last 20 years and worked as a translator of French and German books about psychology and religion, an author and editor, and was distinguished in his field.


Alan Orschel passed away on June 1, 2020. As noted in the 1957 Roman, Alan was known for his school spirit and dedication to the yearbook, for which he served as editor in 1956 and 1957. Alan graduated Latin Cum Laude before attending Dartmouth College and the University of Chicago Law School, where he served as class president. After clerking for the Illinois Appellate Court, Alan practiced in Chicago with Crowley, Barrett and Karaba until his retirement in 2007. He was a member of the Economics Club of Chicago, the Midday Club, and was a member and served as president of the Bureau on Jewish Employment Problems. He served on the board of St. Francis Xavier School in Wilmette, and ultimately as the board president. As noted in his obituary, “Alan loved Chicago. He knew all the buildings downtown and their history; he knew the streets of Chicago; he knew many people walking them. He was a true Chicagoan.” Our condolences to his wife Nora, their children and grandchildren, and to his beloved sister Lynn Orschel ’60.


Ruth Burrows Knorring

Carol Teuscher

Our 60th reunion celebration is postponed until October 1-3, 2021. We look forward to staying in touch in the meantime, and offering a virtual gathering or two over Zoom to hold us over until we can be together in person. Take good care, everyone.


William Arrott, Jr.

Joan Barrett Kellogg

Class Co-Rep Wild Bill shares: “2020 has become the year for virtual meetings and just in time for the Class of 1965’s 55th Latin Reunion.  Although our reunion has been postponed for a year, we will have a virtual get-together this year at 3 p.m. CDT the day after Labor Day.  Our faithful Alumni Coordinator Teresa Sutter will be sending out invitations to the virtual meeting along with details on making the connection. Our virtual platform supports audio/video or just plain telephone, according to your preference.  Looking forward to speaking with you then.”

Christine Smith Bohar writes:  “For the last reunion, it was my older daughter’s wedding and this year my younger is getting married! Not sure if I will make it to the reunion, but we are all well and continuing to enjoy Sonoma.  Hope to make it in October.” Editor’s note: Class of 1965 reunion celebrations have been postponed until October 1-3, 2021.

William Arrott, Jr. celebrated George Washington’s 288th Birthday Banquet with the Lt. Wm. P. Quarles Chapter of the Tennessee Society Sons of the American Revolution. William’s Patriot Ancestor was Pvt. Matthew Shields of the Franklin County Pioneers, PA. Matthew fought against Native American attacks and in the War for Independence.

When asked if Jennifer Hunter Galovich was still counting bricks in the Great Wall of China, she replied:  “Well, yes!! I am up to 12345678912734653791903450 times 10^23 . More seriously, we had a great trip to Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan last May, but did not go to the Great Wall (which we saw on an earlier trip). I am teaching college algebra at our local prison, volunteering here and there, and auditing classes at my university. Rereading some of the items we all read at Latin: Madame Bovary (in English this time), The Trial, etc.”


John Friedman

Gabriella Starker Saxe passed away in January. She succumbed to cancer that had been in remission for more than a decade. She lived in Toronto, had a career with the U.S. State Department and worked with children with autism.


Lila Young Silverstein

Rod McNealy reports: “My wife, Patty, and I are fine, if sheltering in place is fine. I have transitioned my marketing training programs to virtual. Getting a good turnout, but I miss the live interaction. We have pruned, weeded, cultivated and planted our backyard to a ‘fair thee well,’ so will either have tremendous growth or everything will die. Had two wonderful family vacations planned for this summer, which are now certainly postponed until next year. Either way, we’re hiding under our bed and sipping Purell.”

Deb Schaub writes: “I still teach yoga, senior exercise and balance as well as aqua aerobics at Delnor Northwestern Medicine’s Fitness Center, and in March, I celebrated my 23rd year as a part-time fitness instructor. I also swim four times a week, as I can no longer run due to a total knee replacement. All of the above came to a sudden and unexpected halt on March 21. I also volunteered at Anderson Animal Shelter and Food for Health and look forward to doing so again. I am active at my church, enjoy Zoom gatherings and desire to get back to fellowship.”

From Miami, Michele Wagner Stone writes: “All nine Stones are fine. We are adjusting to the new normal, whatever that may be.  As long as we’re healthy, we are grateful. This is Remy; she’s a miniature poodle and the newest member of the Stone family.”


Gail Dugas 

Dr. Ronald Pen

Class rep Ron Pen reports: “For a drummer or comedian, timing is everything. Members of Latin’s Class of 1969 also seemed to be gifted in matters of timing, enjoying a wonderful class reunion this past fall at a time when such occasions were real rather than virtual squares on a Zoom screen. The pandemic has touched our lives; we are no different than anyone else in that regard.  One classmate, the celebrated journalist Rick Kogan, was gobsmacked by the virus and spent days in Northwestern Hospital almost within sight of his apartment. So, here we are after months of UNsocial distancing, living our lives in ways we could scarcely have imagined while drowsily daydreaming in study hall in the old Scott Street Building half a century ago.”

(Clockwise) Ross George, Rick Kogan, Bill Loeb, Al Placek

Michael Cleavenger wrote: “My kids are healthy and locked in their home in Downers Grove. Pretty good trip with four kids under the age of 7. My daughter has already been told she will teach virtually at her high school in Lisle next fall. The hospital where I serve on the board, St. Bernard’s in Englewood, is doing great work, and although the press would have you believe there are bodies in the street in areas like Englewood, we have plenty of health care going on. Never short of ventilators or kits. My life has not changed. I get up and go to a live meeting, everyone six feet apart, come into work around 7 a.m., work until 11:30 a.m., go off to a gym, which is empty, come back to work and then go home around 4 p.m. or 5 p.m.. I have a friend in the building whom I have dinner with, so my life is pretty normal.”

Mark Adams misses the Cubs but, on a positive note, they have not lost a game yet this year: “As grateful as I have always been to have grown up in Chicago, during these COVID days, I realize how fortunate I am to be living here in Livingston, MT. We have had only eight reported cases of the virus in our county and no deaths. We have been shut down, but our local grocery store has been well stocked and has taken precautions to make the store as safe as possible. We are opening up again as we are a tourist destination with Yellowstone 50 miles away as well as the Yellowstone River for fly fishing; it makes me a bit nervous. My days are spent reading, watching some retro TV (amazing how soothing some of those ’50s and ’60s shows can be), working in the yard and cleaning the house. My favorite times are walking Sarah, my black lab, surrounded by the beauty of Montana. We spend a lot of time walking along the river – watching her swim and play is great therapy. One thing I really miss is watching the Cubs. I subscribe to MLB every year so I can watch every game, but not this year. I hope everyone and their families are safe and healthy. All things considered, we are doing well.”

Karen Bassett Freeman responded with her customary insight tempered by wry humor: “In a feat of brilliant comedic timing, I retired on March 1, 2020, just in time to go into lockdown.  Sadly, I had not prepared my list of home projects to do, not that I would have done them during this time anyway. Even my volunteer projects changed course, as both the Native American organizations I work with are reeling from the severity with which COVID-19 has hit the Native American communities.  I could hardly ask artists for donations to good causes while the artists watched their entire annual income evaporate as all the major Indian art markets canceled. We will see whether online auctions or virtual markets can help make a difference.    Fortunately, the kids and grandkids are healthy, as am I. And I am very grateful that I can get outside to play tennis, hike, play with the dogs and feed the gophers by planting a vegetable garden. Here is a picture of me in Bonaire last November – back when the worst thing about traveling was squishing into the middle seat on an airplane. Remember those days? I hope everyone stays safe and sane.”

In a well-deserved honor, Mike McCarthy was recently inducted into Latin’s Athletic Hall of Fame. Mike wrote: “It has been a crazy two years. I spent 90 days in the hospital fighting cancer. I beat the odds, and I am a one-year cancer survivor. As you know, I attended our 50th class reunion. It was so great to see everyone. In January, I was surprised to be inducted into the Latin Athletic Hall of Fame with a ceremony at the school followed by a ceremony at halftime of the Latin vs. Parker basketball game at the DePaul University arena. The honor meant a great deal to me. March 1 saw me driving across the country to California and back with my brother-in-law. We made it home by March 13, in time to be quarantined. Shining Still.”

“Sweet Al” Placek, a man of few but always eloquent words, inscribed a wonderful photo he submitted: “Latin Romans and spouses enjoying drinks, dinner and lively conversation in Greektown. Wish you were there.” 

(Clockwise) Al Placek, John Himmel, Kim Kubiak, Michael Cleavenger, Barby and Bill Loeb, Rick Kogan, Linda Cohn.

Golf aficionado Bill Loeb is never far from the sport even when that pastime is a temporary pandemic casualty: “Up here in the frozen tundra there have not yet been many days for me to have played. That being said, my course is being renovated and will not be available until probably early June, so playing would have been challenging anyway. I am a director of the Chicago District Golf Association and serve as a rules official for some of our many tournaments, so I have been spending a lot of time taking a United States Golf Association rules class that was scheduled for March in Milwaukee for three and a half days. When officiating, it helps to know at least some of the rules, and I am now in my third year. It’s interesting for some golfers and absolutely nobody else. The rules are very hard, and I’m not all that smart. So, while not playing, I’m not totally away from golf.” (Bill, you are plenty smart!) 

Valerie Wiley Johnson, responding to our mutual matriarchal maxims: “In honor of your mom – I love the dust maxims (‘Dust is the bloom of antiquity’) – and it’s so funny because my mom also had maxims that I heard throughout childhood and adolescence. ‘Good is good’ and ‘Cato learned Greek at 80’ were two of hers. I have to start with a comment about our reunion. Not only was it wonderful to get together with so many classmates, but it renewed some friendships that had languished and brought some new ones. What a treat at our age. Another benefit for me was discovering that J&L was the caterer. I thought they did an amazing job, and we booked them to do the Friday night party before (daughter) Lexi ’08 and Sandra’s wedding this October. Of course, that has now been postponed for a year. The closing of schools meant that I had to scramble to help my interns fulfill their internship requirements so they can graduate this year. As for so many, the pivot to doing everything online was abrupt and challenging. We have devised ways to conduct play therapy over Zoom, but it is not the same. At least this year we had working relationships already established. It will be much harder for new interns if schools don’t open in the fall. So, this worries me. Tim and I are working from home and appreciating the resources we have that keep us healthy and happy. Doing a lot of puzzles, watching crime dramas because the good guys win, and limiting doses of the terrible daily news. Looking forward to better times!”

Ever ebullient humorist and famed interior decorator John Himmel sent a photo in knowledge that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Carole Towne, shepherdess of our class, has an abiding love of gardening, but this has been a difficult spring for planting with a parade of late freezes. She observed: “With this hiatus, my husband and I have been working on our yards (here and in Indiana) more than I have ever had time for – and with my mother gone, hopefully I will see the Indiana house more. But, anyway, it promises to be good! But otherwise I have no news. Cover up those plants! We haven’t put anything tender in the ground, so we just move everything into the garage.”   

And batting last in the lineup, Ron Pen: “Life is simultaneously extraordinary yet mundane in Kentucky’s Bluegrass. As an emeritus professor living in a lovely, secluded spot, social distance is a quotidian way of life, not a pandemic requirement. I have survived Zoom events – a four-hour board meeting, a two-hour doctoral defense and other Zoom-lunacy. I have relished the wonders of a springtime graced with waves of floral blooms and sweet scents. The amethyst irises, wisteria, lilac, phlox and clematis gradually giving way to summery hued peonies, hibiscus and lilies. My garden is welcoming vegetables from peanuts to vast pumpkins. I have walked the rural roads picking up bags and bags of trash. Kurt, no more tossing your Bud Lite cans out of the convertible, please. I miss live music shared with others the most; playing fiddle on the porch brings joy, but it is a rather pale echo of the pleasures of shared dialogue. Harmony is not created in solitude.”


Our 50th reunion celebration has been postponed until October 1-3, 2021. Save the date, and keep in touch until then!

Donald Louis Devoe passed away January 14, 2020, after a courageous battle against cancer. Don graduated from Latin, attended Occidental College, and received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Indiana University. He first worked as a professional musician and later as an entertainment coordinator at the Executive House, one of his father’s hotels. Don subsequently switched career paths and spent more than three decades working as a sales representative in the industrial plumbing business, most recently for Ferguson Enterprises. Don’s passions were his family, golf, music, Chicago sports teams and life in general. He was the perpetual optimist who always saw the glass as half-full rather than as half-empty. We extend our condolences to his brothers, Kenneth ’65 and Lawrence ’62, sister, Linda Brody, and their families.

Pamela Stableford passed away on December 28, 2019. Pamela was born in Kansas, grew up in Mexico and traveled to Europe, India, Africa and Afghanistan. She attended Latin School, Marymount in Cuernavaca, Foxcroft in Virginia and the Sorbonne in Paris. Her lifelong passion was riding: first on the burros that brought firewood in Cuernavaca, then to Charro School, where the girls rode sidesaddle. She rode out of Chicago‚ at the famed multi-story Clark Street Stables to Lincoln Park, on to cross-country desert trails into the Indian canyons of Palm Springs. She also enjoyed sleigh rides in Idaho and whitewater rafting the Snake, Green and Colorado rivers.


Stacey Howard Grande

Ramona Slupik M.D, passed away January 9, 2020, in Chicago. She was the cherished daughter of the late Roman Herman Slupik and the late Dr. Sigrid Slupik. Romana was loved by all who knew her and will be dearly missed.


Mary Haber

Class rep Mary Haber reports: “Fred Seifer, who now goes by Eric, is a pulmonologist/intensivist physician and works at Canton-Potsdam Hospital in New York State. He loves his house on a beautiful and secluded lake right in the Adirondack Park! He enjoys water sports right out his front door – canoeing, fishing, sailing and more. His eldest son is also a pulmonologist/intensivist currently practicing in Portland, OR. His middle child lives in D.C. and is an aircraft commander in the Coast Guard and flies their Gulf Stream 550. His youngest son is attending medical school at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM). We are all sending him good juju at this trying time.

Lisa Sullivan reported counting on her love of drawing to help get her through out in Northern California. Meanwhile, Roberta Castro Holinger is walking her dogs about a zillion times a day in New Hampshire. Marco Renoldi was stuck in his house in Zug, Switzerland. Hopefully he has gotten home to Milan by now. And Raymond Cyrus is working from home for the first time.

Lesley Miller writes, “Happy at home on my farm in England, though I am concerned about others with less space to move around in.” Keith Graham and his wife are adapting well, “working remotely, reading more and playing Scrabble. Grateful our son in NYC is doing OK.” Juliet Farlow Hunter, her husband and daughter were sheltering in a small apartment in Cape Cod awaiting the finish of their new home on the island. Hopefully by now their new house is ready and they are moved in.

“We extend our condolences to Robert Hokin on the recent loss of his mother. I also heard from Debbie Burklund, Thomas Hall and Dean Williams. Keep up the good work everybody, and keep in touch!”


Peter Francis Bastone

Steven L. Field

Our 45th reunion celebration has been postponed until October 1-3, 2021. Save the date! Be on the lookout for information about a virtual reunion Zoom call for our class this fall.

Boyd Davis Johnson passed away on March 28, 2020, in Skull Valley, AZ. Davis led a full and active life in Illinois and in Arizona, where he moved after graduating from high school. As a vocation, he instructed students in firearm safety and taught Arizona’s Concealed Weapon Course, later founding his own company called Johnson Firearms Training. Davis was privileged to offer firearm safety training and instruction in defensive handgun techniques to members of the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps, Phoenix Division. For more than eight years, Davis volunteered for Arizona’s Site Steward Program, where he was trained in archaeology, archaeological preservation, and on the monitoring of archaeological and historical sites. Davis was also a founding member of and served as president to the Walker Party Exploration Society.


Tracey Rappaport Greenwood

Jeffrey S. Siegel

After a lengthy battle with cancer, Victoria Flanagan-Defty passed peacefully on February 28, 2020. A graduate of Smith College, Victoria moved to London, where she lived for seven years. There she worked at the English Speaking Union before earning a fine arts degree from the Byam Shaw School of Art. Upon returning to Chicago, Victoria’s love of books led her to a career in bookselling. She previously managed the Chicago/Water Tower branch of the Rizzoli Bookstore and, until recently, oversaw the five Barbara’s Bookstore locations at O’Hare Airport. Victoria was presented at the Passavant Cotillion and Christmas Ball in 1977 and later became a member of the Women’s Board of the Art Institute. Victoria was also an astrologer and used her passion for interpreting the heavens as her form of social work to help her many clients in their lives. As proof that opposites attract, Victoria, a moderate Republican and lifelong Cubs fan, was married for 16 years to architect Matthew Defty, moderate Democrat and lifelong Cardinals fan. Her devoted husband rejoices that Victoria got to see her Cubs win the World Series.


Elizabeth Goldman Dunn passed away peacefully, surrounded by her family in the early hours of December 22, 2019. Throughout her life, Liz dealt heroically with her many health problems, demonstrating courage and resilience. She will be sorely missed by her family and many friends. We extend our condolences to her husband, John; daughter, Kristin; and brother, Peter Goldman ’80 and his family.


Sharon Haft

Pamela Lewis Rudden

Our 40th reunion celebration has been postponed until October 1-3, 2021. Save the date, and watch for details about a fall Zoom call to hold us over!

Sharon Haft writes: “My sister-in-law is chair of a Second Harvest charity, which supports the homeless in Newport Beach, and the whole family is helping out.”


Deborah Wilk passed away on March 6, 2020. She graduated from Latin school and Boston University. Her career led her from an early start at the best art galleries in Chicago to senior positions in arts journalism at a wide range of publications and organizations, and finally to Christie’s as vice president and New York manager of digital news. Deb cultivated diverse relationships among wide-ranging communities, always looking to engage on the deepest levels and to embrace exciting new experiences. She traveled widely for work and to visit family and friends: Colorado, Italy, Israel and Vietnam. She had a higher degree of inquisitiveness than most people, to get to the root of whatever she encountered, whether a conceptual art exhibition or a delicious meal at an excellent restaurant.


Cyril Mowatt

Lara Shipp Shiffman

Our 35th reunion celebration has been postponed until October 1-3, 2021. Save the date, and we’ll be in touch about a class Zoom call this fall to hold us over!

After 20 years of creating visual effects in the Hollywood entertainment industry, Geoffrey Mark has directed a short film, Crystal City, that is gathering buzz. Read more in Marketplace


Naomi Azuma

Erin Fahrenkrog Sheehan

Our 30th reunion celebration has been postponed until October 1-3, 2021. Save the Date! We’ll be in touch about a virtual reunion Zoom call for our class in the Fall!

Sarah Fay recently sold her memoir Pathological: A (Punctuated) Memoir to Harper Collins. It will be published in September 2021.


Beth Goldberg Heller

Steven Shermer received the Flemming Award in Legal Achievement, Environmental Enforcement Section, from the U.S. Department of Justice. Steve demonstrated outstanding talent and dedication toward protecting communities, many minority or low-income, from hazardous, toxic and cancer-causing pollution. He squared off with the nation’s largest industrial companies in matters involving huge facilities like refineries, chemical plants and glass factories, achieving cleaner air and thousands fewer tons of pollutants.


Our 25th reunion celebration has been postponed until October 1-3, 2021. Save the date! We’ll be in touch about a class Zoom call this fall to hold us over.


Lisa Lieberman Kaplan 

Tiffany Madigan

Julie Payne Galante has been living in Somerville, MA, for six years now and is an associate director for communications and marketing at Harvard Kennedy School. She and her husband, John, a history professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, have a very lively home with their two boys, Matteo (4) and Gabriel (1). She pals around with Latin classmates June Eding and Dave Abrams whenever she visits New York, and would love to be in touch with other classmates, too, whenever they’re passing through Boston.

Carla Siegel married Joseph Colonna on September 1, 2019, just blocks from Latin at Chicago’s storied Ambassador Hotel. Classmates Rachel Frank, Chloe Ifergan, Corinne Kaplan and Kate Prockovic celebrated the happy couple. The pair work remotely: Carla is a graphic designer for hospitality clients (agentsie.com), and Joe is a writer, English professor and tutor. Carla adds, “While we have previously split our time between Chicago and NYC, this year marks a shift in our routine as we make our place in Lakeview our primary residence. Personal and professional connections welcome!”

Jess Szubart writes: “I am settled back into life in Boston after moving back from London. I did the one thing I thought I would never do, which is trade in a city condo for a house in the suburbs (gasp). The first few weeks were a transition, but with a toddler who is almost completely feral courtesy of sheltering in place, we are thankful for the extra space, yard and the quiet!”


Eleannor Eiland Maajid

Katharine Decker Papadopoulos

Marissa Schaefer

Gina Grabarek Boggio writes: “Happy to announce the arrival of Blake Raymond Boggio on March 10, 2020, in San Francisco (just as shelter-in-place was ordered). Blake is super healthy and none the wiser about entering the world during a global pandemic. My husband, Joe, and I are doing well and excited for the opportunity to visit friends and family in Chicago! Also, Ashley Sommerschield, Preston Goodyear and me (with SOs) had dinner in February in San Francisco. Celebrating before baby Blake arrived!

B.J. Epstein is very proud of her most recent publication, a translation from Swedish of a gorgeous and moving book written and illustrated by Sara Lundberg, The Bird Within Me. B.J. spoke at the London Book Fair about her work translating it. She lives in eastern England with her wife and their two daughters. See more in Marketplace


Diana Horwich Diller 

Ming-Tai Huh 

Louisa Nelson Thomason 

Lizzie Holinger Zebro

At long last, a coffee shop is back in the old Starbucks space across from the upper school, and it’s founded by Scott Dias’ father! Dr. Luciano Dias founded PiniPico Coffee Co as an ode to his Brazilian heritage. They are offering locally roasted coffee sourced from Brazil and Latin America, supplied by Tradecraft Outfitters, founded by Mike Klong 95, and have an app created by Ken Davis’ ’94 ThinApp. See more in Marketplace


Jeanine Chmiel 

Jos Saldaña

Lauren Besser, founder of Latin Alliance for Women, recently spoke by Zoom with the current members about the creation of LAW at Latin, women in comedy, the Women’s March and how to be involved with feminism. Check out Lauren’s blog This Womanhood


Brad Hanan 

Mili Marcetic 

Kelly Cameron Newton 

Lindsay Hagan Schallich

Our 20th reunion celebration has been postponed until October 1-3, 2021. Save the date! We’ll be in touch about a class Zoom call this fall to hold us over!


Jayna Athas

Mark Yoon

Sara, big brother Max and Mike Cherney welcomed a new baby girl, Cora Eve, on April 22. They are all getting adjusted to being a shelter-at-home family of four in Bucktown!

Erica Serrano writes: “Have you ever tasted Cakes n Chicks pound cake? If you haven’t, you are missing out on life! So please take a moment to check out my website. This is the BEST POUND CAKE! It has the perfect amount of sweetness for any time of day: morning, afternoon or night! Best with your morning cafe con leche (cafe latte) or at night with fresh berries! If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself and order one today! Freshly made daily with all my LOVE!”  See more and order yours today in Marketplace


Julia Corrin 

Kris Ekdahl 

Alice Mathias

Emily Daviau Smith

Gabrielle Sainati writes “Hello friends and family – our newest family member, Edith Marie Sainati, joined us on December 27 at 9:20 p.m. She arrived on the sixth night of Hannukah, an early birthday gift for her dad, weighing in at six pounds 11 ounces and measuring 20 inches long. Baby Edie and mama Gabby are both doing great! Frankie really loves her new little sister – we all do! We’re excited to introduce you all to her someday soon. Edie was named in honor of Eddie Sainati. Among his many accomplishments, Eddie was a WWII veteran, Rhodes scholar, musician, educator and one of the founders of a study abroad program in Spain that both Gabby and Cristina attended. Eddie’s globe-trotting accomplishments and lifelong learning embody much of what Gabby and I value and want for our kids. We are delighted to honor Eddie’s legacy through Edie.”


Emma Baumgartner 

Sean Hoffman 

Adoley Jordan 

Robert Kurtzman 

Sharon Madanes

Andrew Peterson

Joseph and Gia Teolis Anayas welcomed baby girl Isla Elizabeth Anayas on December 30, 2019‚ just in time to ring in the new year!

Kathryn Tyree Strong welcomed her son John Carpenter Strong, born January 23, 2020.


Greer Ahlquist

Andrew Benson 

J.R. Berger 

Pete Mathias 

Teddy Mathias

Whitney Ajibade Omosefe

Madison Walker

Our 15th reunion celebration has been postponed until October 1-3, 2021. Save the date! Watch your inbox for details about a class Zoom gathering this fall to hold us over.

Dina Teolis and Eli Estrada were married in Chicago on September 28, 2019. The long-time Latin couple celebrated with their best man and brother, Phil Estrada ’99, matron of honor and sister, Gia Teolis Anayas ’04, family, and friends, including a large group of their closest friends from Latin. Adrianna and Giovanna are the daughters of former Latin Band Director and Performing Arts Chair Michael Teolis

Pictured from left to right, top to bottom: Chris Doyle (former facilities manager and athletics coach), Brian Woodhouse (current lower school science teacher, ASR coordinator and athletics coach), Brandon St. Peters, Jamie Friedland, John Spruance, Anna Flayton, Morgan Lewis ’99, Ramon Villalpando ’99, Joseph Anayas ’04,  Brielle Treece Osting, Liz Contreras, Rachel Zar, Kate Zentner Balzer, Jason Tribbett, Michael Teolis (former band director, performing arts chair), Gia Teolis Anayas ’04, Dina Teolis Estrada, Eli Estrada, Phil Estrada ’99.


Nora Becerra 

Danielle Carlson 

Suzanne Foote 

Ryan Greenlee 

Micaela Guajardo 

Jessica Raic

Kait Holland and her husband, Adam Birzgalis, welcomed their second child, Margot Birzgalis, on August 22, 2019.


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On October 5, 2019, Caroline Quazzo married Thomas Elnick at the Art Institute of Chicago. The couple lives in River North. Caroline works in Exelon’s innovation group, and Tom runs a financial technology firm called Tegus.


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Our 10th reunion celebration has been postponed until October 1-3, 2021. Save the date! We’ll be in touch about a class Zoom call this fall to hold us over.


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Our 5th reunion celebration has been postponed until October 1-3, 2021. Save the date! We’ll be in touch about a class Zoom call or two to hold us over.


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During his senior year at the University of Michigan, Jonny Moss co-created BOMBANANA Hot Sauce, a banana-based product that adds a touch of fine dining to the home kitchen. Ready to pick some up? See more in Marketplace

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John Austin writes: “Some Music, Anyone? Any piano-playing shut-ins (and of course any health workers and other essential heroes who are out in the world taking care of us) would be welcome to choose pdf copies of my music from a list of selected piano pieces of varying difficulty. As the Romans from the mid-’60s to the mid-’70s know, I’m a classical composer whose principal mentors were Roy Harris, Bob Lombardo (M.M., Roosevelt, 1973) and Ralph Shapey (PhD, University of Chicago, 1981). For more info, please contact me at jbamusic@yahoo.com.”

Virginia Ann Highstone passed away on February 15, 2020. Virginia taught mathematics for three years at Latin. After earning a master’s degree at Northwestern, she joined the Mathematics Department at York High School in Elmhurst, co-authored three textbooks, and won the Illinois State Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching and the TE Rine Award for Excellence in Secondary Mathematics Teaching from the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics. After retirement in 2011, Virginia consulted, continued to tutor and volunteered for numerous organizations.